Afar Forum (AF)

The Afar Forum (AF) is a mass organization which does not subscribe to any particular political organization. Afar Forum is an opinion building organization that attempts to address and analyze issues that affect the Afar people. The Afar Forum has been conducting consultative meetings, large and small conferences by inviting various political and civic organizations to address issues that concern our region and people.

Objectives of the Afar Forum:

1. The primary objective of Afar Forum is to serve as a platform to freely discuss issues that affect the Afars and the region in which the Afar people live, and further act as a bridge to bring Afars with different views together to seek solutions to the problems the Afars faces.

2. To discuss the social, economic and political situation of Afar people and make a reasonable contribution to promote a better understanding and sustainable development in the region.

3. To organize aid and educate the general public in the areas that the Afars need assistance; work with NGOs and other friends of Afars to reach this goal.

4. In conflict situation within Afars and neighboring nationalities, be instrumental to find a peaceful means to solve the problem. Further, the AF will be active in peacebuilding and encourage co-existence and co-operation in the region.

5. Overall AF will foster and works towards a peaceful co-existence and sustainable development in the Horn of Africa that in turn improves the life situation of Afar people.

6. The AF advances awareness creation regarding the plight of Afar people.

7. Promotes Afar cultural heritage and establish a network among the Diaspora.

8. The Afar Forum Association is neither denominational nor political; it follows exclusively the goals of its statute.


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